“I’m a small female (155 cm) RMT and the focus of my practice has always been treating pain & aches which involves mainly deep tissue work. I have always searched for courses that teach techniques that utilize the therapists body weight/gravity and leverage other body parts instead of small joints like fingers, thumbs and wrists. After taking the courses and practicing the barefoot techniques, my main treatment feedback was: ” deep, soothing and long-lasting”. This turned my treatments into great retreats for my clients and sweet successes for my profession. From a grateful heart, I fully recommend everyone to take Ashiatsu training from Nicole. Ashiatu treatments will not only enhance massage results, but also promote long-lasting career for RMTs.” -Erin, RMT. Toronto, ON.

From Our Graduates

Ashiatsu Canada Student Pic 1

``After completing both Foundations 1 & 2 courses this past summer I have to say that in my 19 years of practice this is one of best decisions I made to enhance my practice! There is no question that the techniques I learned will allow me to continue helping my clients for years to come while looking after my own wellbeing at the same time. Nicole’s attention to detail during the course met everyone’s learning needs and the practical hands on instruction with actual clients providing feedback made sure we were on the right track! Ashiatsu adds a whole new element to my RMT practice and has been received with an overwhelming “Yes Please” from my clients. Thanks again Nicole! You Rock.`` -Tara, RMT & RN. Stratford, ON.

``Nicole is as sweet as she is effective - Her sincerity in wanting to help others is paralleled by her incredible talent and skills as a therapist. I am very grateful to be able to call Nicole my massage therapist as well as a mentor after having graduated from her Ashiatsu training. She has given (and continues to give) so much to her students and clients alike. Nicole is so happy to share everything she knows with anyone wanting to learn. I always tell her that I don't quite know how to thank her for everything she has brought into my life and practice...What she responded with, will give you a true glimpse of who she is - She told me that the best way to thank her would be to continue to share and pay forward, whatever she has taught me. A true gem!`` -Lisa, RMT. Mississauga, ON.